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  • If you are requiring a Commercial Building Application, please contact the Administrator at the RM office.

             Basic Planning Statement/Zoning Regulations

The Basic Planning Statement was adopted by The Rural Municipality of Loreburn No. 254 in accordance with Sections 39 and 42 of the Planning and Development Act, 1983, to provide goals, objectives and policies to guide the management of the use of land and its future development within the limits of the municipality.

The purpose of the Basic Planning Statement is to provide a framework to manage development in consideration of its opportunities in agriculture, and non-agriculture development. The plan also establishes a decision-making framework by which council can better coordinate various public and private development, social, economic, municipal servicing, environmental and related interests within the rural municipality.

Should you be interested in obtaining more specific information regarding the municipality’s Basic Planning Statement or Zoning Bylaw, you can contact the municipal office.

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Since incorporation in December, 1910, the various municipal Councils which have held office over the years, found it prudent to pass many bylaws. Below for your reference, is a link to an index of the bylaws that are still active laws of the municipality.